Internet and Multimedia

We reach consumers via diverse ways of communication. New technologies along with our marketing visions let us produce efficient advertising creations. We design both simple websites as well as sophisticated corporate portals and online shop with managing panels (CMS). At the beginning of the cooperation with the client we carry out an analysis of needs and possibilities of using the available tools to make the most of the Internet to promote either the company or the product.

In cooperation with our associates we create graphics for our Internet campaigns, such as  AdWords advertisment, Internet banners, mailing and sponsored articles. When setting the goal of a campaign we choose the method of communication, pointing to the main premise. The analysis of statistics and the campaign's progress let us optimize the means and adjust the campaign to its results.

We create animations and multimedia presentations. We pride ourselves on having our own photographic studio which enables us to make photos to be used on websites and other graphic project. Constant development, flexibility and the quick, efficient way we work in enable us to introduce innovative and effective projects, which work for our clients. Helping you to achieve success motivates us the most.